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(GRC) is a wholly owned Kuwaiti run Telecommunications Company that rapidly developed after the restoration of Kuwait’s Liberation in 1991 making tremendous progress to become a leading player in Kuwait’s market and to become a major force in Kuwaiti Government’s Privatization Programs especially within the telecommunications sector.



The company’s commitment to total customer satisfaction has earned it an enviable reputation, thanks to the highly motivated staff.



GRC is a leading Total Quality Information Technology (IT) Solution provider in Kuwait with more than 20 years of experience in the market-place.



We have aligned our self with a highly qualified international suppliers that are internationally known for the market standard.


Mobile Platform

Our Hotpay is Kuwait's smart application to pay mobile bills, top-up your line and purchase e-Vouchers.

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  • Modern design, fast payment and quick access to services
  • Hot payment: Quick payment for your pre-defined mobile number
  • A big pool of entertainment, communications and gaming vouchers
  • Receive your codes for vouchers instantly
  • Multiple payments: Pay the bill for 4 mobiles in a single payment

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