KFH International Calling System is valued as one of the classic ecommerce application for KFH customers for doing outbound international calls to outside countries through Ministry of Communication, Kuwait. In addition to that account holders are purchasing vouchers (prepaid cards) for recharge their mobile prepaid line.

KFH Customers can use services by entering their bank account number and pin number through hotline 1803000 system.

Bank Customers also uses newly added services such as Top-up(Recharge) prepaid mobile lines, Bill Pay postpaid mobile lines, Top-up(Recharge) International Mobile lines (Arab & Asian Countries), online shopping cards and entertainment cards.

The major time line of business partnership between GRC and KFH for telecommunication auxiliary support as a service to KFH account holders through IVR and KFH Online explained below.

I. 1997
International calling service started using the hotline number 1803000. The protocol initially used R2 protocol. Network communication established between MOC international Exchange and KFH through leased modem. System used 120 inbound and 120 outbound during this period.

II. 2002
Prepaid cards added to the IVR system as a service. Using KFH own payment gateway customers can purchase ZAIN and WATANIYA prepaid cards through IVR. Every day GRC computer operators uploaded cards to system manually by enter server room.

Prepaid cards added to as a service. Using KFH own payment gateway customers can purchase prepaid cards online using account number. Every day GRC computer operators uploaded cards to kfhonline database manually.

IV. 2009
VIVA prepaid cards added to IVR system for customers.

V. 2015
IVR system migrated location from KFH H.O to KFH D.C Shuwaikh. Communication established between MOC Tech Building and KFH Data Center through Fiber Optic cable. Introduced GRC WEB Service, a secured platform developed for B2B and B2C transaction. KFH IVR SYSTEM and KFHONLINE started using GRC WEB SERVICE.

VI. 2016
KFH Business Dept. signed up contract with GRC to add new services for IVR System and KFH Online Service. GRC started development activity for agreed use case. News services included TOPUP & BILLPAYMENT for ZAIN, OOREDOO, VIVA, INTERNATIONAL TOPUP and ONLINE CARDS.

VII. 2016
KFH Security Dept. requested to GRC to make DR Setup (BACKUP SYSTEM) for KFH International Calling System. GRC installed Servers and Nodes at KFH BAITAK TOWER and established Fiber Optic Connectivity between MOC Tech Building and KFH BAITAK TOWER.

VIII. 2017
GRC developed new add-on services to KFH International Call System. KFH Technical and Business Department Tested System and got approval, KFH Security Department conducted assessment and got approval. KFH application support team currently reviewing system for deployment.

IX. 2017
KFH development and integration dept. started development activity to add new service to kfhonline. KFH Business Dept. approved use case for new service to be added to kfhonline. KFH development dept. and GRC development dept. started collaboration and GRC supporting by creating test web service environments and prototype building for application development.