International Calling service

Ikey2000, the Interkey Calling Service which has been completely developed in house allowing thousands of people to make international calls at their convenient time.

Banks Prepaid Services

GRC has utilized it is experience in the international calling service to add value added services to some of the local banks A.T.M cards in Kuwait.

Stockwatch an IVR system

Stockwatch an IVR system for Kuwait Stock Exchange traders to allow them to get all the trading information they need by phone, fax or pager.

Personal news

A full integrated voice system designed for the Kuwait News Agency to provide the latest international and local news to the public around the clock over the phone.

Voice mail

The Ether voice and fax mail service allows users to always stay in touch.Whether your line is busy or you are not at home, with Ether you will never miss a call.

Billing information

The IVR system in Ministry of Communications allowing subscribers to call and get information about their due.

Billing System

GRC and its sister company Integrated Digital Systems – IDS provide a fully automated solution in the telecommunication sector.

Archiving solutions

Since 1995, GRC-IDS has provided fully arabized solutions which are tailored for document archiving.


Multi-Agency News System link, the system collects news wire data from all the international news agencies (Reuters, AFP, UPI, KUNA, etc.).

Internet News System

The system automates the entire work cycle of a news agency and similar environments to present news and other related data.

Stock Ticker

GRC has designed the on line trading ticker for Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) which is being displayed regularly on Kuwait TV channel.